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“Dressing appropriately and cultivating a sense of personal style is directly related to confidence, success in the business world, and life in general.”

Curtis Holloway

Our Purpose

As Custom Clothiers, our job is to facilitate the designing and make up of clothing of the finest quality to provide an excellent and comfortable fit and to ensure the correct style and color desired by our clients. As Image Consultants, we seek to help our clients convey and cultivate a specific image. In keeping with that image, we consider an individual’s skin tone, hair color, bone structure, eye color, face shape, etc. so that our Custom Clothing can help to create this image and bring it to bear. Whether Professional, Conservative, Steadfast, Powerful, Rational or Outgoing, Chic, Friendly, Whimsical or Relaxed: Your outfit can announce any of these attitudes about you before you have spoken a word.

Curtis Holloway

The love and passion I have for what I do, began when I was a very young child, standing in front of the mirror with my Dad while he got dressed. From the fine clothing, down to the personal grooming, he was one of the sharpest men I’ve ever known. I learned at an early age the importance of presentation. I had no idea at the time I was being groomed to do what I love doing 40 years later.

Around 2011, I got involved in the clothing industry and a mutual friend advised me to connect with a gentleman simply known as Sofio. This friend said Sofio would be the perfect source of guidance and mentorship for someone like myself getting started in this business. So I did just that. And, I have to say my friend was not the least bit mistaken. But, little did I know, Sofio was also grooming me to end up right here in the mirror beside him at Suitability of McLean 11 years later. What I’ve learned most from both of these great mentors is “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever!”

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