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For the fashion-forward individual who seeks truly personalized clothing, from suits to casual wear, sports apparel, and represents all that they’ve accomplished.


Confidence, class, and experience, affirms what Suitability of McLean represents. We have learned from the best and provide a meticulous approach with every client.  Integrity and quality are of utmost importance. Our core principles have always been guided by our commitment and your satisfaction in the fit and fabrication of your garments is our top priority. Your time is our time. Patience and communication are the keys to a successful fitting and desired presentation. It’s all in the details and we look forward to providing you an exceptional experience.

Image and Wardrobe

Because people are visual by nature, your first impression should reflect a you that is detail oriented, confident, positive, and always in good taste. A sense of understated elegance, but with a degree of chic. Memorable, but not obnoxious. An excellent appearance and strength of presence are optimal personal assets that need to be worked on continuously. And, yes, it is true; fashion is fleeting, but personal style lingers.


In understanding the value of a complete look, Suitability of McLean provides the pieces necessary to bring your look together. Included are a wide and ever-changing selection of Neckwear, Pocket Squares, Belts, Jewelry, Hosiery, Braces, Personalized Blazer Buttons, and Leather Goods.

And…most importantly…how to wear these accessories properly! From creating a proper knot for your Neckwear, to tying your bow tie, to variations in folding and appropriateness of the pocket square, we are the experts. Which, where and why? Just ask; lessons and consultations are always free!

Custom Tailored Apparel

Combining old world tailoring and know how, along with the most up to date techniques in garment patterning and construction, enables us to offer our clients unparalleled fit, comfort, and the most innovative designs available. Plus, Suitability is able to pass on incredible savings and value to our clientele due to our long term relationships with multiple fabric mills from around the world.

Custom Clothing allows for the variables in our lives; that alone is worth the price of admission! When you speak, we hear your ideas; but since your clothing speaks first, we hear your attitude.

Handmade Footwear

First and foremost, we consider the style of shoe, the type of leather and the color or colors in the shoe. Contemporary, classic, or exotic; choose a style that is right for you.

Curtis Holloway

The love and passion I have for what I do, began when I was a very young child, standing in front of the mirror with my Dad while he got dressed. From the fine clothing, down to the personal grooming, he was one of the sharpest men I’ve ever known. I learned at an early age the importance of presentation. I had no idea at the time I was being groomed to do what I love doing 40 years later.


Around 2011, I got involved in the clothing industry and a mutual friend advised me to connect with a gentleman simply known as Sofio. This friend said Sofio would be the perfect source of guidance and mentorship for someone like myself getting started in this business. So I did just that. And, I have to say my friend was not the least bit mistaken. But, little did I know, Sofio was also grooming me to end up right here in the mirror beside him at Suitability of McLean 11 years later. What I’ve learned most from both of these great mentors is “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever!”

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